Ducted Gas Heating

Centralised ducted gas heating from Brivis can warm your home or office to a very cosy temperature during winter. With more than forty years of existence, you can rely on Brivis for its total quality. Brivis has two main products, Brivis central gas heater and the Brivis ICE Series add-on air conditioner.

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Brivis ducted central heating system

The Brivis ducted central heating system is consists of three (3) major components:

  1. A central heating system unit connected to a series of outlets
  2. A wall-mounted controller
  3. Duct work

The Brivis central heating system draws air out of the house through the return air duct where the air is warmed. Warm air flows through small floor or ceiling outlets, strategically located inside the house, into every room that you want to heat.

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  • Environmentally friendly installations

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