Daikin split type air conditioners can be fitted to an individual room, areas or multiple rooms connected by copper piping to an outdoor unit.

Due to some limitations in the current technology, split system air conditioning is most efficient when managing the temperature of only one room or area and that should surely fit your available space.

Daikin split system air conditioning is a cost-effective and space saving cooling solution for smaller spaces.

Daikin Multi Split System air conditioner has the ability to have multiple indoor units with just one outdoor unit which means less machinery and consequently more flexibility at a best price and also allowing for individual temperature control of room.

Daikin Products:

  • Daikin Bulkhead: A bulkhead can be used to house your Daikin air conditioner where installation is not possible due to lack of concrete ceilings or wall space.
  • Daikin Ceiling Cassette: These air conditioners are attached flush to a ceiling with the flexibility for a more comfort air flow.
  • Daikin Floor Standing: For areas with no available concrete wall spaces, Daikin’s floor standing is the best unit to buy since these units are positioned on a ground level.

Daikin Split air conditioner is an exceptional choice for those wanting a neat unit that blends with its surroundings and require a single room or area of air conditioning. Daikin’s Advanced Inverter Technology makes their air conditioner so compact and powerful, quiet and power saver. Daikin air conditioner’s air purifying filters and innovative airflow systems ensure that fresh conditioned air flows to every corner of the room.

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  • Environmentally friendly installations

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